Our Water Came To Life

Over 3100 years ago the conditions were perfect to create Christopher’s Spring Water. Part of the mountainside gave way and formed an alluvial fan, the foundation of which made for the perfect recipe for filtration of this natural mountain spring.

Our mission is to provide the world with clean, safe, pH neutral and great-tasting water. The water is alive, active, pure, nourishing and delivers the proven benefits of natural mountain spring water.

Our founder Chris, is smart, friendly, shy and unassuming. It was his father Christopher’s dream to share this elixir of life with the world.

After a decade of research and development Chris has invested in his father’s dream. By doing so, Chris helps complete his father’s vision of making this unique and pure mountain spring water available to the world.

We are proud of the advanced and proprietary technology that enables us to bottle this extraordinary water at the source. This technology allows us to deliver the water to our positive pressure clean room with zero exposure to the outside air and environment.

"We are privileged to contribute to our customers’ healthy lifestyles."

Flanked by dark forest and formidable mountain bluffs, the fringes of the Harrison River contain some of the most natural premium spring water on earth.


  • Natural water
  • Latest proprietary technology
  • Premium quality
  • Locally owned
  • Purity of source
  • Great mineral content
  • Very good taste
  • Environmentally conscious

We are right here – In The Harrison River Valley

Why Us?:

Well, we’re right here in the Harrison River Valley and that’s practically right in the lower mainland. So we are very local, and we supply some of the freshest, pure, natural premium mountain spring water in the world. We’re not a huge international conglomerate bent on squeezing the most amount of cash from each and every drop of water. We’d rather focus on folks just like you and serve up a quality product that you’d expect from friends and neighbors.

What we have here:

Our local area is inhabited by over 100 species of birds. The most notable is the Bald Headed Eagle. Each year during the salmon spawning season the Bald Eagles converge on the Harrison River by the thousands. We generally have the highest concentration of Eagles in the world feeding on salmon every November. Order Slightly!